The Solitary King 

power: 4 jumping: 4 stamina: 5 technique: 5 speed: 4

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Here you will find things of anime, but you can see other things too. (Multifandom and Personal)

             ~ This blog contain: Yaoi/Yuri, NSFW ~

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"And today that *Young Boys* story will come to an end. And so in the end, The Young Boy will choose the same fate as his master."

“I’m probably not the only one who’s seen this smile before… But for now, I’m the only one watching him.”

"After the death of my parents, there was no one left to praise or accept me. I did a lot of stupid things in class. I wanted to get people's attention. He's... the same as I was back then."

i heard your pulse... i saw the light.

In this twisted world, I’m gradually growing transparent
Don’t look for me; don’t look at me. I don’t wish to hurt you

W e  h a v e  o t h e r  w e a p o n s ,  t o o.